Projekte an denen ich arbeite.

shadows (2022)

Das Spiel mit Licht und Schatten liegt uns Fotographen ja im Blut, aber hier treibe ich es mal als Stilmittel auf die Spitze – ein Spiel mit Verstecken und Beleuchten … hier gehts zum Projekt.

shoot & paint (2020)

Started end 2020
this is a cooperation project with the Coburger artist Sabine Götze. She is a phantastic painter and I’m super proud to colaborate with her on several works … check out some 

faces of … (2018)

„A picture says more than 1000 words“ says the … but what does a picture AND 1000 Words tell us?
My Project is about people – its a research art project … check it out!

Cosplay (2018)

Started march 2018
I always want to say something with my pictures – especialy with the pictures araised by my projetcs. So what is nearer than taking pictures out of existing storys like videogames, comics and films. See what it’s all about.

Book of Hope (2016)

Started Feb. 2016
My project about – it’s not too late … project site (password protected – please ask)

„Mums“ (2016)

Started June 2016,  project site
a kiss is a kiss – what do you think about nudity – do you sleep naked  –
this project is a trip to ask questions in one context – a mother and her child … and what’s about dady?

Berg Blog, Natur erleben (2009)

… first of all – its more than a project – its my attitude towards life. I love nature – environment. So I allways try to go out and spend time outdoors – alone – but mostly with my family. If you love nature – you will naturaly protect it … With my pictures of our travels, trips and time outdoor – I’ll try to show you how beautiufull, awesome and facinating nature is.

>> project site